Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm watching the Simpsons

At the moment I'm a bit disgusted.

You may be aware that Corey Haim just died of a drug overdose. At the risk of being offensive, why do we care? He was a B grade actor who did a string of mediocre movies.

Yes, any death is sad, but the reason I'm disgusted is that suddenly everybody cares, or, more accurately, feels they should care. Face book is plastered with "RIP Corey, I was a huge fan." I saw one (on the the facebook fan page) "RIP Corey, I love you, Breakfast Club is my all time favorite movie." That's all well and good, the only problem is that Corey Haim wasn't in Breakfast Club -

I'm not criticizing people in mourning. If someone actually liked/looked up to Corey Haim, by all means, be sad. But to everyone else... It just seems to me that today with so much media attention of every little thing and facebook, etc., people have become over sensitized to these things. They seem obliged to show the world that they have feelings.

What's the difference between Corey Haim and any other drug addict? Corey Haim was in Lost Boys, that's about it.

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