Monday, March 29, 2010


At the moment I'm a bit disgusted.

I'm killing time at Uni and there is someone (a stranger) sharing the table with me eating KFC. I find KFC to be one of the most disgusting "foods" in existence. Not only that but they're eating rather loudly. Not just chewing, but a really disgusting smacking sound. Just the smell is making me feel ill. I don't want to move though because I'm charging my computer.

What I am to do in this situation? It's like so many public situations where some stranger is either being an oblivious wanker or inadvertently pushing one of your buttons. What to do, what to do...

The first situation, when the person is being an oblivious wanker, I believe, warrants anger, although generally I'm too polite to raise any objection. These are the people who step onto public transport and stop right in the doorway so that the million other people have to push past them. You just want to give them a piece of your mind. It's the people with zero consideration for others.

The second situation, when a person is pushing your specific buttons, is hardly their fault. This stranger next to me has the right to eat. Sure she's eating a little loudly, but not unreasonably so. So I'm ignoring it... But although it's not this stranger's fault, I just want to stamp up and yell "GOD DAMN IT! STOP CHEWING SO LOUD!" and "THAT FOOD SMELLS DISGUSTING!"

But in either situation, what do you do without coming off as a bad guy? I would like to believe that in the first situation, other people wish they could confront these jackasses, and, the person who finally does will be met with admiration. The second, I guess, if I was having enough of a problem, I could just be polite and reasonable.

I think I'm just going to move off, however. KFC is too disgusting to try an deal with.

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