Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"non-teaching week"

At the moment I'm appalled.

I've been watching the news a little more lately because I'm on Easter holidays from Uni, and yesterday I saw the coverage of all the people lining up to be the first to buy and iPad. It's quite appalling.

I know, it's in vogue right now for right thinking people to bitch about Apple's iPad, but I'm more disappointed at the ugly consumer that is people lining up for hours to buy some new gadget. So, this little rant is not really about the iPad itself, but rather people's behaviors towards it. Will your life really be that much more fulfilled if you're the first to get this new product? Will you be happier? Probably not. I don't know how long some people waited to get their new toy, but I'd much rather use that time to do something productive. If I decide to buy an iPad (which I probably won't), or any product for that matter, I want to simply walk into the store and buy it; not line up for hours/days at a time to get. It's not like the world is running out of these things. THERE WILL BE MORE.

Yes, Apple has a brilliant marketing team. I could be cynical and say it is their fault people feel they need their products to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. That may be partly true, but they're a business and most businesses try to achieve this. I'm simply appalled that people are stupid enough to believe it.

I have yet to buy an iPad, I doubt I ever will. Yet I feel happy. I guess we don't need products to give our lives meeting after all...

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